The Facebook-Paradoxon

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After using Facebook for 3 years I decided to deactivate my account.

Facebook takes alot of time. It’s unproductive. You can’t be productive when you spend the whole day on Facebook. And even if you visit it a few time along the way it takes too much time of your life. It’s a total waste of time. Yes, I can do several things at the same time. I’m a multitasker, some people would say. But multitasking is bad. Keep your focus on one thing and on one thing only.

The other reason why I quited Facebook is because 99 % of the information coming from friends is senseless. Most of the posts have no extra benefit. One day someone posted Oh my god, I’ve so much work to do. It can’t be that much if you still find the time to post this on Facebook. I call this The Facebook-Paradoxon.

Some people like their own posts. Maybe because nobody else does this for them. I don’t know what benefit it brings liking my own post. I wouldn’t post it if wouldn’t like it anyway. Liking your own post is like saying Well done! to yourself after defecation. The Facebook-Paradoxon.

And of course further reason why I’m using Facebook not anymore is because they don’t respect the privacy of their users. With the new Terms and Policies of Facebook I have respectable concerns about using Facebook.

You can deactivate your Facebook account too. On go to Settings » Security » Deactivate your account. Ask your friends for their email addresses to stay in contact. Everybody who’s on Facebook has an email address.

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