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Project Outlines []
As I wrote in my blog post about Open Source Software Collaboration, I now added a Project Outlines section to each project’s README file. Read More »

CraftCMS Rant []
CraftCMS is the main product of a small, Oregon (USA) based, software company named Pixel & Tonic. It’s a master example of how bad source code can be turned into a successful product. In this blog post I’ll cover some of the technical issues. I’ll show you some examples of bad development practice and problems CraftCMS and Craft Commerce are currently facing. Read More »

Open Source Software Collaboration []
In this blog post I describe how I will handle future collaboration of my open source projects in regards of each projects overall quality and features. This blog post should make clear why I maybe rejected your pull request. Read More »

2018 Year in Review []
For 2017 I missed the opportunity to create a review. So this is my review for 2018. This blog post includes Projects, which I founded, which I continued and notable events. Read More »

Docker Network []
How to get the host’s IP address inside Docker? Since I started with Docker I’m constantly searching for a way to get access to the host via the host’s IP address. In this blog post I describe a few ways to get access to the host. Read More »

Avoid Dynamic Data structures in PHP []
This blog post is an object-oriented approach to use Classes instead of build-in arrays. I’ll show you another view on why it’s better to use a Class/Object instead of an array. Read More »

Parameters []
I started a new open-source software project called Parameters. It’s written in modern C++. You can use Parameters to automatic replace variables in configuration file templates from environment variables. In this blog post I describe how to use Parameters to create a .env file for Symfony 4. Read More »

C++ Factory Class []
I’m about to rewrite my Ruby Wallet project in C++17. This will be a series of posts. Read More »

C++ Smart Pointers []
It’s been awhile since my last blog post. It’s also been awhile since I last programmed C++. But recently I’m doing C++ again. This blog post is what I learned so far about Smart Pointers and Raw Pointers. Read More »

How My Work Directory is Organized []
It took me many years to figure out how to effective organize the directory structure on my harddisk. Even after decades in the IT industrie most people use their desktop (~/Desktop) as a temporary directory. Why not using ~/tmp? Read More »

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