ViennaPHP July Gathering Notes

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Organized by Sebastian Göttschkes (@Sgoettschkes) and Stefan Hupe featured by Stockwerk Co-Working Space.

Meetup description:

Let’s talk databases. They are the foundation of many websites and apps and store the precious data we need to make our service valuable. Without data, your app is only a frame without a picture. This meetup is focused on databases and the data ecosystem. We have great talks on this topics, all in relation to PHP development and the PHP ecosystem.

Next, August Gathering: 2014-08-05 18:30, a special meetup outdoor.

Developing Database Driven Webapplications with phpYouDo

by Manuel Hiptmair

MongoDB with PHP

by Daniel Laxar

Indexes: The neglected database performance all-rounder

by Markus Winand


Sebastian Göttschkes organizes the ViennaPHP meetups

Sebastian Göttschkes

Manuel Hiptmair about phpYouDo

Daniel Laxar about MongoDB with PHP

Live programming session by Daniel Laxar

Markus Winand about Indexes: The neglected database performance all-rounder

Markus Winand 2

Markus Winand 3

Markus Winand Use The Index Luke

Next meetup

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