Tumblr Parser 0.4.0 released

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Reference: https://github.com/TheFox/tumblr-parser

Tired of getting sick of Tumblr’s online HTML editor for custom themes? With Tumblr Parser you can

So you can create themes for Tumblr without editing the HTML in Tumblr’s online editor. When you’re done creating a theme with Tumblr Parser you copy the template into Tumblr and go live with your new design.

This is no full version. This means not all functions of Tumblr are available in this parser. But give it a try. The most common basic functions are implemented yet. Which includes Navigation, Text posts, Photo posts, Photoset posts, Quote posts, Link posts, Chat posts and Answer posts. See the README for a detailed list of all compatible functions and variables of Tumblr Parser and how to get started with it.

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