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I wonder why the most titles of blog posts are linked to itself. Why do people link the title on the permanent page of a post to the post itself? This makes no sense in my mind. For example see the Hacker News API post. The title text Hacker News API of this post is linked to the exactly same page, I saw this most on blogs but not explicitly on blogs. For example see the permanent page of a Stackoverflow question. It gives the user who’s reading the post no extra benefit. If I want to reload the page there is a Reload-Button. Is this a kind of SEO trick or just the laziness of the programmer who coded the (blog) software?

Update, 2014-10-17 13:16: Because I got no useful answer on my Stackoverflow question I asked the same question on Meta Stack Exchange especially for the Stack Exchange network.

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Christian is a professional software developer living in Vienna, Austria. He loves coffee and is strongly addicted to music. In his spare time he writes open source software. He is known for developing automatic data processing systems on Debian Linux server.

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