Christian Mayer's Weblog blog moved to Tumblr

Now is on Tumblr after the HDD of my root server crashed. No data loss. down. Cracker will not be reinstalled. This service has been shut down forever. The administration of the server takes too much time. down. But will come back online. The old blog posts of aren’t available now. The design is terrible. ;)

I’m testing the Block Quote. :)

Update, 2013-05-20: server ist back online. But the homepage is offline. It’s only an index.html.

Update, 2013-05-24: is back online.

Update, 2013-05-26: Moved some old posts from blog to Tumblr blog. I also created a very very simple homepage.

Update, 2014-06-05: Moved blog from Tumblr to GitHub pages.

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