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ViennaPHP October Gathering Notes


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Meetup description:

With everyone back after the holiday season, let’s get right into business. This month we are joining forces with the TUGA TYPO3 Usergroup Austria to bring you the great talks and a big audience. We’ll also have free drinks and pizza from our sponsors! We’ll also introduce “Wünsch dir was”, which means we are having more talks than time and the audience chooses which will be held.

Open Device Lab Vienna

by Roland Schütz (@rolandschuetz)

TYPO3 Talks

Modern Web Development with the Open-Source CMS Contao

by Roland Schütz (@rolandschuetz)


More Resources


Sebastian Göttschkes organizes the ViennaPHP meetups

Philipp Bergsmann about TYPO3

Roland Schütz about Contao

User Group

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