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For the past 17 years I always owned a mobile phone. Now I unplugged.

My Apple iPhone 5 was already not working well anymore. The font plate detached itself. Sometimes the display just went black. Today I violently cracked it up using a screwdriver. I dissembled most of the parts to pieces. It’s interesting what’s inside. Have you ever wondered what’s inside your phone? You won’t believe how many little things are inside. Crack it up and have a look inside. It’s a tiny computer. A computer in a pocket. Do I really always need a computer in my pocket?

So I’m without a mobile phone now. This is something like an experiment: how long can I live without owning a mobile phone?


I want to know which challenges I face without owning a smartphone.


Beside the impacts you face without a mobile phone, here are some other considerable aspects.

I was too dedicated to my smartphone for too many years. That was a problem.

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