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I was programming open source software already before I discovered GitHub in 2010. But since GitHub I want to share even more code.

Many people wonder what’s my impulse to create open source software. Especially wondering why making software for free (in the meaning of not for money) at all. In my case it’s the urge to make the world a better place. In the most cases I build open source software that is useful to me. I build it to be productive in my daily routines and in my job as software developer. I want other people to use my software.

In the early days all my software was hosted on my homepage. Since I discovered GitHub I’m pushing projects upon. Over the years I deleted many unmaintained projects. Constantly enhancing the rest of them to a standardized and common codebase. Having projects on the same level of standard means that more people can use my software. What you see on my GitHub profile is a fraction of ideas and projects I worked on in the past years. These projects are the polished onces. Those which are meaningful and I already invested many hours of sweat and pain. I only share ideas and projects which I think they are also useful to others. (So please don’t push any piece of shit-code to GitHub.) From time to time I go over my GitHub repositories delete unmaintained projects to keep my profile clean.

Here is a list of all meaningful projects I want to work on in the future. Of course it’s not possible to work on all.

For me as a software developer the product isn’t important to me rather than how the software components are working together.

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