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PhpStorm has a nice built-in feature: detecting undefined variables.

I’m not a PhpStorm user. I use Sublime Text 2 and I’m not planing to switch to PhpStorm. So I need to detect undefined variables in my code in a different way.

PHPMD can detect undefined variables. Consider this PHP script, FooBar.php:

class FooBar{
	public function fooBar(){
		print 'foo'.$bar;

You can test it with PHPMD like this:

$ phpmd FooBar.php text unusedcode
FooBar.php:4	Avoid unused local variables such as '$bar'.

But think about this:

class FooBar{
	public function fooBar(){
		print 'foo'.$bar;
		print 'foo'.$bar;

PHPMD will not detect $bar as an undefined variable. I used $bar twice but it’s still undefined. PHPMD is not smart enough for this trick. PHP code can be smart. Even if a variable is not defined.

There is another better tool to test PHP code called PHP CodeSniffer.

Add the following lines to your composer.json file to use PHP CodeSniffer with Composer:

"require-dev": {
	"squizlabs/php_codesniffer": "~2.6"

You can even install custom plugins for PHP CodeSniffer. To detect undefined variables with PHP CodeSniffer I use the VariableAnalysis plugin.

Install VariableAnalysis:

  1. First clone from GitHub to phpcs_variable_analysis:

     $ git clone phpcs_variable_analysis
  2. Change into phpcs_variable_analysis directory and run:

     $ ./ -d /path/to/code_sniffer

    The path /path/to/code_sniffer can differ. Under OS X and PHP CodeSniffer 2.6.2 the directory is located under /usr/local/Cellar/php-code-sniffer/2.6.2/CodeSniffer. If you like to use it project-based use /path/to/project/vendor/squizlabs/php_codesniffer/CodeSniffer.

    For example:

     $ mkdir -p /usr/local/etc/php-code-sniffer/Standards/Generic/Sniffs/CodeAnalysis
     $ ./ -d /usr/local/etc/php-code-sniffer
     Installing Sniffs to /usr/local/etc/php-code-sniffer/Standards/Generic/Sniffs/CodeAnalysis
  3. Add VariableAnalysis to the ruleset, ruleset.xml file:

     <rule ref="Generic.CodeAnalysis.VariableAnalysis" />

    Unfortunately the whitelist property validUnusedVariableNames isn’t working for closure functions. This can be annoying if you use a lot $this variables. Using @codingStandardsIgnoreLine for the appropriate lines can fix this problem.

Testing the same script as above with PHP CodeSniffer warnings appear:

$ phpcs FooBar.php

FILE: FooBar.php
 4 | WARNING | [ ] Variable $bar is undefined.
 5 | WARNING | [ ] Variable $bar is undefined.

That’s what I want, warnings.

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