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Re: Have Software Developers Given Up?


I read Have Software Developers Given Up?, and I can completely suit up with this words. I totally understnad the frustration.

I’m a professional programmer for over 8 years. I had several clients I worked for. Non of them had professional coders. Even if the company had many employees. Even the professional programmers in some of the companies are not interested in producing professional source code. I mean, I’m really picky when it comes to source code. But it seems nobody cares. The result of slutty source code is buggy and shitty software. Not in every case. I know. But in most cases the software is buggy because the source code is shitty written. As a programmer I totally understand that software is never finished, and there are always bugs. But as an end user I sometimes can’t understand how big companies like Apple, Google or Yahoo can produce such buggy software. It’s like Apple’s software quality is decreasing from year to year. More features, less quality.

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