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Julian Togelius writes:

Ask a human to raise 3425 to the power of 542 and watch them sit there for hours trying to work it out.

You can’t compare the speed of a computer to the speed of a human. Only because a human is slow doesn’t mean that the human is stupid, nor computer are smarter. The electric current in an integrated circuit acts near the speed of light. Light itself is also very fast but not very intelligent.

[…] the world Chess champion has been a computer.

Again, this is a matter of speed. If you give a human being the same amount of time in relation what a computer had taken to calculate the same steps of a chess game it would be a more true comparsion of intelligence.

Humans have almost no memory

That’s because the human brain isn’t trained and not used. We use almost 10% of our brain. So this comparsion also hinks.

The face recognition software that Facebook uses can tell the faces of millions of people apart.

And again, this is only a matter of training and not a matter of intelligence.

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