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HTML5 Application Cache

I coded a simple web application for myself which also works offline, completely without any Internet connection. For this purpose I’m using HTML5 Application Cache which is pretty awesome. It’s very easy to implement AppCache. Read the implementation documentation on countless websites.

What bothered me was how to clear the AppCache on the Google Chrome iPhone/iPad app. I actually don’t know how to delete the cache. But I found another solution: add ?v=1 to the URL for updating to a newer version of your app. For example: http://domain.tld/index.html?v=1. Of course you need to type the new link manually each time you install a new version of your webapplication. Or increment the v attribute at least.

I also wonder why Firefox 41.0.1 and Chrome 46.0.2490.71 are sending two HTTP requests in a row to load one AppCache webpage.

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