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Interesting 31C3 Talks


Here is a list of some interesting talks from the 31st Chaos Communication Congress:


erdgeist and Geraldine de Bastion 1

erdgeist and Geraldine de Bastion 2

Alec Empire

Erich Möchel 1

Erich Möchel 2

Erich Möchel 3

Erich Möchel 4

Erich Möchel 5

Erich Möchel 6

Erich Möchel 7

Erich Möchel 8

Erich Möchel 9

Zakir Durumeric 1

Zakir Durumeric 2

Zakir Durumeric 3

Nick Sullivan 1

Nick Sullivan 2

Jahresrueckblick 1

Jahresrueckblick 2

Jahresrueckblick 3

Jahresrueckblick 4

Jahresrueckblick 5

Reconstructing narratives 1

Reconstructing narratives 2

Reconstructing narratives 3

Reconstructing narratives 4

Reconstructing narratives 5

Reconstructing narratives 6

Pictures licensed under CC.

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