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Some days ago the eSchilling, an alternate to Bitcoin, hit the cryptocurrency world. The name refers to the old currency of Austria called Schilling.

Thanks to the investigating people of the Bitcoin Austria mailing list here are some facts about eSchilling.

Block 1 to 19 are premined:

#1: 1958330.00000000
#2: 1737130.00000000
#3: 1282182.00000000
#4: 1393983.00000000
#5: 893205.00000000
#6: 2127990.00000000
#7: 1645348.00000000
#8: 323306.00000000
#9: 1746375.00000000
#10: 1719747.00000000
#11: 2088642.00000000
#12: 31547.00000000
#13: 47232.00000000
#14: 809240.00000000
#15: 1330434.00000000
#16: 792559.00000000
#17: 322260.00000000
#18: 277252.00000000
#19: 1851479.00000000

You might assume that there are 38 coins mined after the first 19 blocks, because on the Specification page the block reward is 2 Schilling coins up to block 90000. But that’s wrong. After block #19 there were 22378241.0000000 Schilling coins already mined. Assuming that the creator of eSchilling is the owner of the first 20 blocks.

By looking into the file SCHILLING-Quellcode/src/main.cpp of the source code you can verify that the GetBlockValue() function has been manipulated.

The timestamp of the Genesis Block is 2014-09-18 22:09:42 CEST (1411070982).

Some people of the Bitcoin Austria mailing list assume that the name of the operator is “Jiri Hlavin” and the PayPal account is “”. After I sent an email to the contact email address I got a reply signed with “G. Lawin”. Later he signed his emails with “Georg”. Assuming that his name is “Georg Lawin”.

According to Georg Lawin the premined coins are used by a Schilling Foundation using 1m per year. The foundation will be created in October.


Do not buy Schilling coins. It’s (maybe) a kind of scam.

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