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Re: How a bug in Dropbox permanently deleted my 8000 photos


Jan Curn wrote:

In April of this year, a hard drive in my laptop was running low on space so I decided to use the Dropbox’s Selective Sync feature to unsync some large directories from the laptop. Because there was never any problem with the service and also because it’s already the year 2014, I thought it might be about time that one can trust a cloud-based storage service and use them as a sole backup of their files. Boy, I was wrong.

Sorry for your lost. I know this is a tragedy.

But I can’t suit with this phrase: also because it’s already the year 2014. I don’t know what people expect from year 2014. Even in year 2100 this could happen to you because it’s just Software. Software is Never Finished. There always will be a bug no matter which year, no matter which Software.

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